Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully become a bi-weekly post on changes to this wiki, and anything I think needs mentioning on keeping order here. If people start actually contributing, I'll make it weekly. A few ground rules: Any and any post placed on this wiki is, unfortunately subject to review and/or possible deletion from myself and Seven Rain. Me, because I made the wiki, and if I think it's wrong, then it's probably wrong, and SR because, as the creator of WOE, he decides whether a given bit of information is true. Beyond that, the usual: keep it polite, keep it efficient, and keep any musings or unconfirmed theories in the discussion tabs of their relevant pages. Speaking of relevant: keep it relevant. If it has nothing to do with WOE, it doesn't belong on the wiki. Besides that, can't think of anything, have fun, and welcome to the wiki!

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