• Brace yourselves: abstract metaphysical concepts are coming

"All that we are, all that we sense, and all that exists. 
That which creates, that which destroys, that which breathes life and form. 
All that has ever been and that ever shall be, the flow of time and the structure of reality... 
Lo, she slumbers... The Universa."
~ The Scriptures of Solvalen

A concept representing all things in existence. 
A vast, infinite, and mysterious existence that mortals have largely yet to fully understand.

As written in the Scriptures of Solvalen; the Universe is in fact an infinite, incomprehensible living entity that has been slumbering for an untold amount of time.

(While the "Universe" refers to the existence of all things, "Universa" is the term used when referring to it as an entity, or when discussing the various realms and gods that make up the laws and workings of existence.)

The Beginning

Before existence there was merely the "soul" of the Universa, which has always been.  When the Universa awoke and became aware of it's own existence and powers of creation, she created the gods, realms, and laws of existence, followed by celestial bodies and finally; life.


The first mortal life to exist within the Universe were the , forged within the . They are wise and peaceful beings that do not age, but are incapable of reproducing or increasing their numbers.

As the numbers of Draconians slowly fell across the Universe, the Universa created the Ethereans.  Unlike Draconians, Ethereans were gifted the ability of conception and birth, and are loving by nature.

Following the Ethereans' creation, countless other creatures were created and spread across the Universe.  From large creatures to small organisms, the Universe was now filled with life and evolution.  In time she began to sleep, leaving her creations to continue on without intervention.