There are 2 primary sources of energy in the EthereaVerse: Mana and Ether. Both are detailed below.



Mana is a form of energy found in all places of the Universe, known by many names and used in many ways, but almost universally referred to as Mana. It is a limitless and regenerative energy most easily found in air, though some powerful wielders of Mana can even summon it from water or space.


Mana has a variety of uses and forms depending on it's user, limited only by the mind and imagination. Draconians mastered it's use as a simple force for things such as combat and construction, but the Ethereans discovered many more interesting uses, such as creating warp gates and levitating cities.  Despite it's variety of uses, it is most commonly used across the Universe as a weapon. Strengthening and empowering the body and enhancing wielders' abilities, many even being able to attack with it as raw energy.

The Primordial Ether

The Pimordial Ether, mythical substance sealed behind the Doors of Guf, the realm of souls... 
... From within it, we were forged, and the Ethereans followed, created of that mysterious lifeblood of the Universa herself."
~The Scriptures of Solvalen

The Primordial Ether, (or simply "The Ether",) is a mythical substance that the Draconians and Ancestral Ethereans were created within, and is believed by some to be the origin of all life of the Universe, perhaps even the very essence of the Universa's own life and soul.

Little is known of the substance, but Draconians long-theorized it's existence until it was confirmed within the Scriptures of Solvalen . The Primordial Ether's form was incomprehensible to Solvalen, and lies within a dimension known as Realm Guf, protected by the Doors of Guf, which are watched over by gods.

The Eternal Draconians and the Ancestral Ethereans were formed from the Ether itself, and even life which has evolved from primeval beings seems to be linked to it.  In time the Draconians began to believe that the essence of a soul is born within the Ether before inhabiting a body.

As it relates to Ethereans

Ethereans share a namesake with The Ether, due to Draconians initially believing that the Ethereans themselves were unique in their link with the fabled Ether.  The Scriptures of Solvalen revealed that the Draconians were in fact the first beings created within it, though the Draconians thought it best that the Ethereans retain their name.

In the words of Solvalen: "We Draconians are perhaps destined for extinction, but even should our kind leave all of existence, the Ethereans will remain. They are truly eternal, and they are truly deserving of the name Ether."

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