King Gerald Adamanta XII is the valiant and good-natured king of Adamantia.

Official Site Bio

A giant of a man as strong as he looks, King Adamanta XII is Reina's Father, and respected ruler of the Kingdom of Adamantia.

A fan of light banter and bad jokes, it is believed that Reina's mischievous and tomboyish behavior is due to the King, whom at a young age was also spiteful of formality, and spent many years journeying across Chrona and avoiding his duties.

The King is a laid-back and warm-hearted fellow, but has become a wise and honorable King nonetheless, looked up to and respected by all of Adamantia.

It is unknown to many why the king's body seemed to age so quickly, but his strength is still known to be far above that of an average man, shown by his wielding of "Pride King", a gargantuan sword that dwarfs even Zeft's weapon.

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