Ixis Carmine (pronounced "Ick-seez") is one of the primary protagonists of WOE: Wings Over Ethereal.

Official Site Bio

Ixis is a meek young Etherean who's lived in Adamantia for as long as he can remember.

Phantom memories of his past haunted his dreams during his several year stay in Rosehill, a small mountain town he arrived in as an amnesiac at the young age of 9... A past in which Ixis had been best friends with the Princess Reina since the age of 5, the woman who was the first to attempt to befriend the quiet Etherean.

Whether simple dreams or amnesiac memories, one thing's for sure; His attraction to the Princess is clear as day to those around him.

The peaceful and war-free times in Adamantia caused Ixis to grow into a gentle and reserved young boy, typical of a Crystalis Etherean... Yet naive of things outside of his sheltered life. A youth who knows next to nothing of war and violence, nor the fears and anxieties of human hearts.