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Even after centuries of alteration and deformation from various events and crisis, the Earth remains a lively planet, brimming with life. 


In the 29th Century, a catastrophic event occurred which was all but forgotten in future generations. This mysterious event left massive pieces of the Earth's surface floating above the dystopic lower-surface, left the Earth's population a fraction of it's former numbers, and destroyed many of it's organic resources, leaving the planet largely barren and uninhabitable. Technological advancement was also said to have been set back by centuries due to this event.  Life was difficult for humanity, but society pressed on as best it could until the day that a substance known as the "Angel Formula" was created by a brilliant scientist. The Angel Formula was a miracle liquid, a single drop of which could sustain vast amounts of vegetation and life, and even create drinkable water. 

Due to this miraculous comeback, humanity decided to dub the new era Earth had entered; The "Rebirth Age", or "RA", which officially began on New Year's Day after the end of 3310 AD. 

The Present

Now, at the dawn of the RA's 2nd Century, the Earth enjoys a much-earned era of peace and prosperity. Over time the Earth has become one of the most active and diverse hubs of life in the Universe, and also serves as a central hub of sorts for The Guardia and their activity, as well as a home for Immortals of various worlds and origins.  The planet enjoys an era of peace, but has many tales to tell, much history to be explored, and there's no telling when it may be threatened again...