In a galaxy far from ours, rests a planet not unlike our own; The mystical world of Chrona. 

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A world once existing as a paradise to Ethereans, Chrona was torn to pieces and it's atmosphere set off-balance countless years ago during what is now called the "Crisis of the Ancients"... During this tragic event, a man named Arahnx Logard caused such destruction to the planet that many of the Ethereans fled to the kingdom Ethereal, which had been lifted up and away from Arahnx and the apocalyptic storms his destruction caused.  Many lives and cities were lost, as well as technology, but most significantly; This destruction altered the atmosphere of the planet, drastically reducing the density of Mana for countless years.  While life on the surface was difficult, it slowly but surely continued on. The Ethereans who did not make it to Ethereal continued to carry on throughout the generations, over time adapting more to the lack of Mana on the planet by evolving to beings remarkably similar to the Human beings of Earth. 

The planet has been threatened many times, but carries on to this day, just as Earth.